Reviews from the June 2008 issue

Ringwald, C. (2008). Review of the book A reporter’s guide: Reporting about people with disabilities by Betsy Southall. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 52–54.

Barken, J. (2008). Review of the film Autism is a world by Gerardine Wurzburg. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 54–56.

Thomas, S. (2008). Review of the book Where is the mango princess? by Cathy Crimmins. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 56–57.

Van Rootselaar, J. (2008). Review of the chapter A situationist perspective on the psychology of evil: Understanding how good people are transformed into perpetrators by Philip Zimbardo. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 57–59.

Sevink, M. (2008). Review of the book True notebooks: A writer’s year at juvenile hall by Mark Salzman. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 59–61.

Cussen, B. (2008). Review of the book Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 61–65.

Pealer, J. (2008). Valued by love: Social roles in Wendell Berry’s short stories. The SRV Journal, 3(1), 67–75.

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