Reviews from the June 2006 issue

January 17, 2012

Tumeinski, M. (2006). Review of the book The soul of a chef by Michael Ruhlman. The SRV Journal, 1(1), 48-49.

Preneta, E. (2006). Review of the book On the outside:Extraordinary people in search of ordinary lives by Julie Pratt (Ed.). The SRV Journal, 1(1), 49-51.

Tumeinski, M. (2006). Review of the film Murderball by Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Adam Shapiro. The SRV Journal, 1(1), 51-52.

PDF available SRVJ June 2006 book reviews

‘A two-hour visit to a rehab facility’ by Frank Reed with Marc Tumeinski

January 6, 2012

Reed, F. with Tumeinski, M. (2010). A two-hour visit to a rehab facility. The SRV Journal, 5(2), 34-36.

‘Around the corner: A neighborhood-based job initiative for teenagers’ by Marc Tumeinski

October 18, 2011

Tumeinski, M. (2007). Around the corner: A neighborhood-based job initiative for teenagers. The SRV Journal, 2(1), 15-20

‘Review of the book Roles based planning’

October 18, 2011

Wolfensberger, W., & Thomas, S. (2007). Review of the book Roles Based Planning: A thoughtful approach to social inclusion and empowerment by Scott Ramsey. The SRV Journal, 2(1), 13-14

‘SRV & NVA: Valorizing social roles through nonviolent action’ by Brian Martin

October 6, 2011

Martin, B. (2006). SRV & NVA: Valorizing social roles through nonviolent action. The SRV Journal, 1(2), 25-33.

‘Re-thinking respite’ by John Armstrong & Lynda Shevellar

October 6, 2011

Armstrong, J. & Shevellar, L. (2006). Re-thinking respite. The SRV Journal, 1(1), 14-25.

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