‘SRV lessons learned: A PASSING visit to a preschool’ by Marc Tumeinski

January 6, 2012

Tumeinski, M. (2010). SRV lessons learned: A PASSING visit to a preschool. The SRV Journal, 5(1), 21-35.

‘Almost, but not quite there: Failing to fully develop culturally valued analogues’ by Emma Barken

January 6, 2012

Barken. E. (2010). Almost, but not quite there: Failing to fully develop culturally valued analogues. The SRV Journal, 5(1), 14-20.

The Social Role Valorization concept of the Culturally Valued Analogue (CVA) emphasizes creating situations for socially devalued people that are as close as possible to what socially valued people would typically expect. The importance of adhering to the guidelines that the CVA puts forward is highlighted through reflecting on several experiences of one devalued person, including having a roommate, employment, friendship and vacation. One central theme of the article is the detrimental role that human service systems and programs can play in devalued people’s lives–while human service systems may have good intentions and rationales for the situations they set up, they will likely fail to help devalued people have access to the good things in life if they do not adhere to the principles set forth by the Culturally Valued Analogue.

‘Striving for ordinary: A mother’s story’ by Susan Dunnigan

January 6, 2012

Dunnigan, S. (2010). Striving for ordinary: A mother’s story. The SRV Journal, 5(1), 10-13.

‘Legalize assisted suicide? Not so fast’ by James McGaughey

January 6, 2012

McGaughey, J. (2010). Legalize assisted suicide? Not so fast. The SRV Journal, 5(1), 5–9.

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