‘The indispensable mindset’ by J. Armstrong

February 9, 2013

Armstrong, J. (2012). The indispensable mindset. The SRV Journal, 7(2), 32–36.

Review from the December 2012 issue

February 9, 2013

Race, D. (2012). Review of the book Advanced issues in Social Role Valorization theory by W. Wolfensberger. The SRV Journal, 7(2), 49–51.

‘ Situating SRV in the larger societal context’ by Susan Thomas

June 25, 2012

Thomas, S. (2012). Situating SRV in the larger societal context. The SRV Journal, 7(1), 27–35.

‘Preparation for introductory PASSING team leaders: An example of SRV leadership development’ by Marc Tumeinski

January 6, 2012

Tumeinski, M. (2006). Preparation for introductory PASSING team leaders: An example of SRV leadership development. The SRV Journal, 1(2),  66-73.

‘A brief overview of the North American SRV Council’s Trainer Formation Model (November 2005)’ from the SRV Development, Training and Safeguarding Council

January 6, 2012

SRV Development, Training & Safeguarding Council (2006). A Brief Overview of the North American SRV Council’s Trainer Formation Model (November 2005). The SRV Journal 1(1), 58-62.

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