Reviews from the December 2008 issue

Cocks, K. (2008). Review of the conference paper Reducing unwanted risk for people with disabilities and for disability workers by Bill Budiselik. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 38–40.

Race, D. (2008). Review of the book Quality of life for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities by R. Schalock, J. Gardner, & V. Bradley. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 41–43.

Thomas, S. (2008). Review of the article Community-based art studios in Europe and the United States: A comparative study by R.M. Vick & K. Sexton-Radek. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 43–45.

Thomas, S. (2008). Review of the film The counterfeiters by S. Ruzowitzky. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 45–46.

Osburn, J. (2008). Review of the book Cold storage: Super maximum security confinement in Indiana by Human Rights Watch. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 46–51.

Dewick, S. (2008). Review of the television series little people BIG WORLD from The Learning Channel. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 51–59.

reviews SRVJ Dec 2008

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